Feb 28

Done posting for tonight but…

If you have a picture that you want me to caption or if you have any submissions please send them to me. I will post more tomorrow. So please send me your favorite pics or something that you’ve come up with. Thank you and I promise that I am back and will continue to post throughout the rest of the season.

grace-slickkk said: HAHAHAHAHA omg i love you and this blog.


Feb 27

ohrabbitheart said: I just found your blog, and I can't get enough of it. Stay. Forever. Please.

Oh thanks. I’ll try to stay forever.

Anonymous said: yay you are back !!

yep. hopefully for a while.

loveyoumore-j said: I am so in love with this blog right now...I'm not a huge hawks fan, BUT I love toews, and I can't get enough of this blog!

Thanks! I really appreciate it!